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Titax Forged Aluminum Wheels Honda CBR

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Titax Forged Aluminum Wheels Honda CBR

Titax Forged Aluminum Wheels Honda CBR
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TITAX Forged Aluminum Wheels

Kannich Motorsports will include a Driven Racing Aluminum rear sprocket in your choice of color, pitch and tooth count with all wheel purchases for a limited time!

MotoGP and Moto2 technology.

Like all Titax products these wheels are used and tested in the heat of battle in the most competitive race series on the planet.
IAMT have chosen TITAX as their official wheels for MOTO GP and MOTO 2 projects!

State of the art design and manufacturing technology!

The TITAX wheels mulit-step manufacturing process starts from a single solid piece of high grade aerospace aluminum. High pressure forging (30 thousand tons) is then used to further improve the grain structure. This high pressure forging is the only way to create the strongest and stiffest finished product. The forged blanks are then machined on Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) milling machines to ensure that bearing surfaces, etc are perfectly true. For the rear wheel we start with a 25 kg piece of the forged aluminum, for the front 15 kg. When the whole process is finished than the weight of the rear wheel (17*6,0) is 4.6 kg (fully equipped incl. adapters, bearings, etc.) and the front wheel (17*3,5) is only 2.95 kg (fully equipped) !! In total it gives more than 5,2 kg weight saving compare to O.E.M. wheels.
Maximum drain on the front wheel is 195 kg, on the rear wheel 295 kg.

The design and manufacturing process allows the weight of the TITAX forged wheel to be concentrated in the middle of the wheel. By comparison cast wheels concentrate the weight out at the circumference of the wheel. So while it is possible to build a cast wheel that is only twice as heavy as a Titax wheel the rotational inertia (and the adverse effects this has on performance) can be over four time worse!

TITAX wheels are one of the very few wheels made using 30 thousand tons of pressure.

Using 30 thousand tons of pressure makes the wheels stronger and opens up new opportunities to make lighter wheels. The same high process is used to produce Aluminum parts for military jets.

Thanks to this unique manufacturing methodology and technology TITAX claim their race wheels are the STIFFEST & LIGHEST wheels on the market.

Titax wheels are a real weapon.

Every race and performance car has light weight mags for a reason. No racing driver would go on the track with out them and it's the first upgrade everyone makes when building a performance car.

Titax's incredibly lightweight wheels:

Increase the acceleration of the bike (Less rotating mass to accelerate)

Decreased braking distances (Allows you to brake metres later – providing several bikes lengths gain each and every lap!)

Improved 'flickability' (less rotational inertia)

Best suspension upgrade you will ever do (Lighter unsprung weight greatly reduces the size and complexity of the task that your suspension needs to deal with).

The competitive edge.

TITAX racers are claiming up 3-5 seconds lap advantage over original fitment wheels.

DOT and TUV certified.

TITAX wheels are HARD ANODIZED. True hard anodising provides an incredibly tough finish layer, often harder than steel. The wheels are only available in black as (those with engineering backgrounds have already guessed the reason) it is not technically possible to do hard anodising in lighter colours). Gold, silver and other coloured wheels are not hard anodised. Hard anodising guarantees better tyre adhesion on the wheel. And the very hard surface finish is also extremely resistive against stones, hits, etc. The visible surfaces of the wheels are then polished top a high gloss.

Sizes and fitments

17“ – 3,5

17“ – 6,0

TITAX Wheels are supplied with O.E.M size adapters. The adapters can be supplied separately. The wheels are supplied completely equipped with SKF bearings, spacers, drive cushion rubbers ready for immediate use. Customers can use the original brake rotors and sprockets.

Color and finish treatment

As with all Titax products engineered for use in MotoGP, form and function always come first! But they also always look fantastic on your bike, and these wheels are no exception.
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